Maandelijks archief: oktober 2014

Micheál MacLiammóir en Denis Johnston

In het eerste nummer van de komende jaargang van Irish Studies Review zal een artikel van mijn hand verschijnen over twee Ierse toneelschrijvers die in de late jaren ’20 en de vroege jaren ’30 de Paasopstand (1916) van een avant-gardistisch tintje probeerden te voorzien. Bij dezen alvast de abstract:

“MacLiammóir’s Minstrel and Johnston’s Morality: Cultural Memories of the Easter Rising at the Dublin Gate Theatre”

This article explores how Micheál MacLiammóir and Denis Johnston attempted to perform cultural memories of the Easter Rising at the Dublin Gate Theatre and thereby articulated their respective views on a colonial past that had to be reassessed anew, on the one hand, and a postcolonial future that still had to be made possible, on the other. By analyzing how these two prominent Gate Theatre playwrights sought to commemorate the Rising through mediated performances, this article argues that the Gate Theatre did not simply serve as a playground for disinterested aestheticists, but also created a stylised forum where the perceived strain between Ireland’s traumatic history and its uncertain future could be addressed and reconfigured into a meaningful teleology. In doing so, this article attempts to demonstrate that the Gate Theatre served as a cultural counterweight to the Abbey’s ostensible hegemony as a theatrical force in Irish identity formation.

‘Global Legacies of the Great Irish Famine’

Afgelopen week is Global Legacies of the Great Irish Famine: Transnational and Interdisciplinary Perspectives verschenen. Deze conferentiebundel, die o.a. bijdragen van Peter Gray, David Lloyd en Christopher Morash bevat, is samengesteld door Marguérite Corporaal, Christopher Cusack, Lindsay Janssen en mijzelf.